Black Curse - Endless Wound (demo)

"... from the upcoming album "Endless Wound".
more infos coming soon... watch out.
barbaric ancient metal of death!"

Projeto com musicos de Blood Incantation, Khemmis e Spectral Voice que se transformou numa das mais recentes obsessões musicais por estes lados, três musicas totalizando pouco mais que um quarto de hora que demonstram bem ao que vêm..Death Metal violentissimo na onda dos jardins da morte da Ross Bay Cult com um cheiro morbido de uns Teitanblood a pairar por cima..transformam a demo Endless Wound numa das coisas mais intensas que ouvi nos ultimos tempos vindas de uma banda ou projeto novo!
O album sairá em breve pela Sepulchral Voice Records.

Vaaltovashe - Time Foul Constellation

"O Star of Heaven, beloved of the Lord, drive away time foul constellation that has slain the people with
the wound of dreadful death. O Star of time Sea, save us from the poison-breath that kills, from the
enemy that slays in the night. 


"We, guided by rituals of death & unbeing, succumb."

and (2020)

Krukh - Черный Свет

The follow-up release to Krukh's ,,Безглуздість!'' album is conjured through a process of fragmentation. Unforeseeable difficulties including the theft of a studio laptop and hard drives on the road has given new-found vigor to create. Rather than cast the two into the void, we have decided to create this release using scavenged parts.
Черный Свет is broken up into two parts, making it the shortest conceptual release to date. With certain leaning towards the debut's melancholic-yet-aggressive sound, the release is meant to further express existential frustration through a first person narrative".