13th Moon - Putridarium (ep)

"After more than five years in the making, 13th Moon's “Putridarium” has finally arrived to completion. An ode to the ancient putridaria, the crypts of decomposition and elevation of the bone matter. Guest vocals by Mark of the Devil (Cultes des Ghoules, Death Like Mass, Lvcifyre, Sodality) and Old Coffin Spirit (Doombringer, Bestial Raids, Venefices). Artwork by Karmazid."

Cthonica - Lesser Incantations of Chthonic Lore

Sepulchral black death metal from Caracas Venezuela, second offering.

Premonições: Inferno - PARADEIGMA (Phosphenes of Aphotic Eternity)


"PARADEIGMA (Phosphenes of Aphotic Eternity)" is the definitive work from idiosyncratic Czech avant-Black Metal band INFERNO. Burrowing further into the dense, hypnotic soundworlds initiated on 2017’s "Gnosis Kardias", this newest emission formulates an alluring new language from the isolationist syntax of Black Metal, blending the contemplative and the disturbing into a mesmeric journey through veiled psychic recesses and towards the infinite. Using layers of guitar tracks, abstruse vocal and sound textures, intricate martial rhythms and ominous dynamism, INFERNO have produced a surreal dreamscape inspired in part by the most obscure, forward-thinking records of BLUT AUS NORD and THE CURE, 70s-80s Post-punk and the ingenuity/sheer fanaticism found within the Black Metal canon. Conceptually "PARADEIGMA" goes deep into psychology, cosmology and horror - primarily influenced by "The Cosmos as Self-Creation" from Czech writer Michal Ajvaz, "Time Reborn" by the physicist Lee Smolin and above all "The Red Book" of Carl Jung - to conjure, in the words of the band: “abstract visions of semi-liquid currents moving within a vast ontological structure where individual layers interact in unceasing cosmic dynamics”. Mournful and oppressive, delirious and strangely uplifting; "PARADEIGMA" is a dank, paradoxical and uniquely immersive piece of Luciferian art which opens a portal to the beyond.

Ixaxaar Nexia - Demo MMXX

"The Toronto-based quantum death quartet shred genre distinctions, ear drums and listener expectations within the opening moments of their three-track deadly, alien artifact of a demo. Faster than black metal, more brutal and break-neck than death metal and far too intelligent for what we’ve come to consider war metal, Ixaxaar Nexia slay apex chaos nearly beyond human comprehension. Like Quo Vadis on DMT, or Mitochondrion’s collective brain transplanted into Anaal Nathrakh’s body, Ixaxaar Nexia’s demo is extinction-goading, intergalactic war metal".