Amplificasom Mix Tape by Zyk

A pedido do André da Amplificasom, esta semana cabe-me a mim dar-vos musica.
Fica aqui o link para a AMPMIX008, são 20 faixas escolhidas por mim para passarem mais de hora envoltos em coisas bonitas e fofinhas...não esperem nada de muito obscuro ou vindo das profundezas do Inferno, são apenas algumas faixas que gosto, umas atuais outras nem por isso, tentei fazer um apanhado de varias bandas que ouço fosse hoje/agora seriam outras 20 totalmente diferentes é complicado fazer estas cenas porque fica sempre algo de fora..
Espero que curtam, saquem, espalhem por ai e claro agradecer tambem ao Andre pelo trabalho que tem vindo a fazer nestes ultimos anos á frente da Amplificasom e pelo pedido que me fez..
Não existe track-list se querem saber têm que clicar mesmo!
"Standing in the doorway...."
Fica aqui o link: ou

Nekrosity-Return from the Crypt (demo)

Death-Metal sueco?
Para ser excelente convem vir da Suecia, certo?
Certo...Então cliquem em baixo e sintam a vossa vida a andar uns anitos para trás...que isto é poderoso!!

Temple of Void-Demo MMXIII

Amazing demo from Temple of Void.
If you like Doom/Death mixed with some Post-Sludge you should check this.

Premonições: True Widow-'Circumambulation'

TRUE WIDOW - 'Circumambulation' coming July 23, 2013 (N.America), July 19 (Germany/Benelux), July 22 (UK/World) on CD/LP/DIGITAL
Directed/Edited by Justin Wilson


We are proud to announce an upcoming special release to mark ABIGOR´s 20th year of releasing Satanic Black Metal Art.
On this occasion, for the first time since 1998, Silenius contributes the vocals.
Avantgarde Music will release a hand-numbered edition of 500 gatefold cover 7″s. 200 of these will include an additional CD containing the first ever rehearsal with Silenius.
"This release wasn´t artificially unearthed to ´celebrate an anniversary´, like others do these days, but the original material has demanded the form, and urged to be released in the past few years. Now all things conspire to end a cycle and let a new one begin, but more will be revealed soon.

Back in 1997 Abigor recorded ´Supreme Immortal Art´. Ever changing shape, as each release requires a different aesthetic form, the album was planned to turn out as ´majestic´ as possible, contrasting the eerie ´Opus IV´ and the thoroughly traditional ´Apokalypse´. But sadly the powerful basic material was buried under a thick layer of synthetic orchestration and a devastating mix and master, while Silenius´ invocations were loaded with redundant effects. Now this 7″ presents the work as it was intended originally, and is based on the 1997 guitar and drum recordings. Silenius layed down new vocals that exceed the performance of old by far, musical arrangements and lyrics were reworked and sharpened.

SOIL OF SOULS on side A, SUPREME AND IMMORTAL (IS THE ART OF THE DEVIL) on side B summarize Abigor´s traditional 90s recordings and the uncompromising standard of their present work.
For the ones who worship the demon of war since 1993, and the ones who need to be taught a lesson in Black Metal history, the first 200 copies hold a CD with Silenius´ first ever rehearsal for the debut album `Verwüstung/Invoke The Dark Age´: 5 songs of raw 4-tracker recordings, the ugly and primitive side of Black Metal resonating from a time long gone, before bad digital computer sounds became the norm in the ´traditional´ or ´cult´ department – lame copies made by those who do not understand why or how early Black Metal was created back in the days.

A circle has closed, and Abigor are currently preparing a statement that will cover their past 20 years and go back even longer in time, their present and the state of the scene including magazines, the internet and disgusting trends, something which will agitate and upset."

Black Tongue-Falsifier (ep)

"Formed January of 2013, Black Tongue is one of the heaviest-hitting new bands in modern metal. Constantly labelled as one of the most original and groundbreaking bands in the underground scene, these up-and-comers have amassed numerous endorsement deals, and various label interests almost since day one. Their debut EP “Falsifier” has been rated 11/10 and 9.5/10 by independent reviewers and is receiving a ton of praise from both beat-down and traditional metal fans alike."

My personal thoughts:
Fuck the reviews....THIS IS BRUTAL AS FUCK!!! 
HATE here:

el Camino-Småland (ep)

The grand wizards of sticks and stones return with small taster before their second fullegth "The Gold of the Great Deciever" in April 2013.
over 25 minutes with an exclusive track "Daemonangel" + their amazing swedish sung VENOM cover "I lag with Satan" as well as the titletrack in a different mix.


Katechon-Man, God, Giant

2012 Demo:

Hell/Amarok-Split 2013

Northern California's AMAROK and Central Oregon's HELL have teamed up for this doom-drenched split. Pure heart-wrenching agony. A limited number of tapes have been pressed by Vulture Print, and a remastered LP of the split will be released by Pesanta Urfolk In the near future.