Premonições: Bathsheba - Servus

Nova banda da ex-vocalista dos belgas Serpentcult, este é o primeiro avanço para o album de Bathsheba a editar em breve pela Svart Records.
Musicalmente é um hibrido com bastante peso que deambula pelo meio de algumas referencias que vão de Royal Thunder, The Devil´s Blood, Salome isto só para se ter uma ideia daquilo que é esta especie de Occult Doom..

Premonições: Morast - Ancestral Void

"March marks the release of our
forthcoming debut album 'ANCESTRAL VOID'.
This piece of pure blackness will again be unleashed through
the blessed hands of Totenmusik (CD/LP/MC) in conspiracy with Van Records.

Recorded & mixed by our longtime friend Laurent Teubl (Chaple of Disease)
and mastered by Brad Boatright at AUDIOSIEGE.

'The seasons wither and the crescent
observes us with hungry eyes'"

Premonições: L'Acephale - Mortem

We enter the valley of death and hurl curses at the gods of our masters and overlords.

Ignis Gehenna - Baleful Scarlet Star

Excelente registo deste duo australiano, um misto de intensidade e envolvência a fazer lembrar algo no meio de Ascension e uns Watain dos tempos do Casus Luciferi.
O resultado é muitissimo interessante...

Premonições: Consummation - The Weightless Grip of Fire

"INVICTUS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present CONSUMMATION's debut EP, Ritual Severance. CONSUMMATION are an Australian black/death metal band based in Brisbane and who also share members with Impetuous Ritual. In 2012, they released a self-titled debut demo, which showed a startlingly accomplished aesthetic for an otherwise brand-new band. Patiently lying in wait, perfecting their craft in the shadows, CONSUMMATION are now prepared to make a grand, garish strike with Ritual Severance.

Encompassing two tracks in 21 minutes, Ritual Severance is a gibbering maw of intensity and tension. The songwriting's serpentine and slipstreaming, the execution's crazed and commanding, the recording's raw yet rounded: CONSUMMATION take viscous bestiality and give it leathery dragon-wings of atmosphere. And yet, for all the lurking menace across Ritual Severance, there's a striking amount of nuance in kind, the quintet keenly knowing when to scale back the attack and let the sinister energies simmer. As such, these two tracks feel more focused and shorter than their fairly epic lengths; not surprisingly, their respective titles - "The Weightless Grip of Fire" and "Blighted Ovum" - vividly illustrate the music's central contents.

Damned, disgusting, and dragged through both space and swarm: the Ritual Severance commences with CONSUMMATION!"

Sanguine Eagle - Individuation

"Sanguine Eagle is devotional music, exalting an unfolding magickal current that its members refer to as storm mysticism. The practitioner becomes a personification of the storm itself as he experiences the long and painful process of becoming severed from the dream or banal realities. Embodying its rapturous ability to devastate as well as bring remarkable resurgences of life, the storm is a perfect exemplification of the mercurial power that can be harnessed from knowledge of nature’s mysteries, wielded of course by one who knows, wills, dares and keeps silent. Knowledge of this frightening totality is so volatile it presents as much risk and danger as it does progress. While led through these vestigial mysteries, existence will persist as a subservient entity and all of perception becomes his temple. As the spirit goes through this harrowing castigation, one finally gazes upon the fruits of strength contained at the zenith-heart of the storm."