Premonições- THOU : Heathen

"We're just about finished with recording. Our old friend James Whitten has done an excellent job as always. Looks like Heathen, the next full length, should be a big DLP; our old pal Adam Bartlett is going to help us release that on Gilead sometime this summer, and our other old pal Stefan will be handling the Euro press of the vinyl. We also wrote and recorded a collaboration EP with our friends in The Body to be released on Vinyl Rites and At a Loss soon ish. And we had a few songs that wouldn't fit with either of those releases that will be released as a 12" EP on Robotic Empire right after Heathen. We should also have everything else we've ever done repressed other the next year--including a triple LP and double CD collection of all the non-Tyrant/-Peasant, pre-Summit stuff (basically, all the splits repressed to 3LP and all of that plus the couple of EPs on the 2CD)."

Some titles:
Ode to Physical Pain
Immorality Dictates
At the Foot of Mount Driskill
In Defiance of the Sages
Into the Marshlands
Feral Faun
Free Will

To Remember...old days:

Zyk´s Asylum 2013 (Part II)

Mais uma compilação saida do Asilo com algumas das coisas mais interessantes que por ai andam atualmente, procurem, ouçam e divulgem!
Fica a track list da coisa:
01 KETEA - Quiet Ruin (Beyond the fatal shore)
02 BÖLZER - Entranced by the Wolfshook
03 ASHENCULT - Dark Law-Black Fires of Chaos
04 LITHOTOME - A Halo's Swarm of Locusts
05 INTO DARKNESS - Into Darkness
06 MALICHOR - Delirium
07 SHROUD EATER - Tempest
08 WILD´S 'REPRISAL - Forever Wild
09 WOE - Song Of My Undoing
11 ABYSMAL GRIEF - Lords Of The Funerals
12 SINISTROUS DIABOLUS - Wipe Out Christianity (Pestis)
13 IRKALLIAN ORACLE - Iconoclasm

Em breve mais um capitulo....

Into Darkness-Into Darkness

Excelente demo das italianas (mais ou menos) Into Darkness , editada em 2012, Death-Metal poderoso a trazer a memoria o legado de bandas como Bolt Thrower ou Mythic o que por si só já merece o vosso pestanejar, são 25 minutos onde a banda flui de uma forma brutal mostrando tudo aquilo que tornou este estilo numa das coisas mais medonhas nos anos 90.
Destaque para o excelente registo vocal da menina Giulia, e para os arrepiantes duelos de guitarra que desfilam ao longo das 4 faixas, lentos como uma marcha funeraria puxada por cavalos de corrida.
Ouçam e deixem-se levar pela escuridão...fica aqui o ep para escuta.

Ashencult-Black Flame Gnosis

Com o regresso de WOE fica aqui outra banda ligada aos americanos, neste caso Ashencult.
Excelente album de BM melodico a fazer lembrar uma mistura de Dissection com os atuais Watain, mesmo não sendo nada de extraordinario, vale bem a pena a vossa atenção, por aqui tem tido bastante rotação..

Irkallian Oracle-Grave Ekstasis

Mediumship of ultra-void vibrations through the art of Death/Black Metal.
The grave is a well for Infinity’s impossibility, hollowing all tragic meanings and hopes
Forcing our voices to blend with timeless echoes from undreamed worlds
Drowning the vision of man into the transcendent oceans of ancient midnight
And for those few who dare to leap out of themselves and lend their tongues unto the great unknown that wait in these very depths, a secret song has been given:
The rattle of Death’s nameless mystery amid the roar of apocalyptic reverence,
Hell’s heart pounding horror into the breath of Being
A prophecy of black stars revealed as an oracle of the great and holy ABYSS

Born in the year 2012 on Swedish soil, Irkallian Oracle is a musical vehicle for the Void. Drawing its art from the darkest and most horrific vaults of the Death and Black Metal tradition yet still searching ever deeper and beyond all confined artistic boundaries, it wishes to both musically and lyrically explore the ecstatic mysteries of abysmal infinitude. “Grave Ekstasis” is the first released material of Irkallian Oracle and consists of five revelations at the combined length of almost 45 minutes, and it shall function as message to all those who wish to enslave Death and Black Metal to purposeless retrospection, mediocrity and shallow ideals.

Premonições: Seth-'The Howling Spirit'

Primeiro avanço para o regresso dos franceses Seth.

Premonições: Hate Meditation-Scars

Hate Meditation was founded by Azentrius (Nachtmystium / Twilight) in 2003 as a side project who's original intention was to serve as an homage to bestial black / death metal bands such as Beherit, Von, Profanatica and Blasphemy. The band recorded a 3 track demo that was spread in very small quantities entitled "Condemned to Death", and the band has since been dormant. In 2012, Judd reformed the band with all new members and began writing / recording the "s/t" debut full-length album in October, 2012. This album will be released via Norwegian label Indie Recordings in early 2013. The bands sound has changed dramatically from the original intentions and has taken a shape of it's own, drawing influences from many different types of music but keeping the raw black metal form at it's core.
Hate Meditation is:
- Azentrius - vocals/guitars/bass
- Phenex -, synths
-Destroyer - drums
-Wrest, bass (session)

Zyk´s Asylum 2013 (Part I)

Foto-Estefânia Silva ©

Primeira parte da compilação "Zyk´s Asylum 2013", com algumas faixas de albuns que não podem nem merecem passar ao vosso lado..a segunda metade um pouco mais obscura embora na mesma onda sairá nos proximos dias.
Saquem, ouçam e se possivel divulgem pelos vossos contactos, fica aqui a track list da coisa juntamente com o link:

01 CROWN - Abyss
02 NAILS - Wide Open Wound
03 BOSSK - Pick Up Artist
04 VOICES - Eyes Become Black
05 KONGH - Skymning
06 PORTAL - Oblotten
07 PRIMITIVE MAN - Astral Sleep
08 RORCAL - Black VII
09 INTER ARMA - Destroyer 1
10 THE AMENTA - Obliterate's Prayer
11 USNEA - Monuments to Avarice
12 RHINOCERVS - Devour all the Living Things
13 CLOUD RAT - The Needle and the Damage Done
14 TERRA TENEBROSA - The Nucleus Turbine

Premonições:BÖLZER-'Aura' Cover Illustration

Illustration and Graphic Design by Alexander L. Brown.
Iron Bonehead Productions has the 12"MLP at press now with a tentative release date coinciding with their appearance at Deathkult Open Air on May 19th.

Premonições: Liar In Wait-Translations Of The Lost

LIAR IN WAIT, a new band comprised of present and past members of Wolvhammer, Chrome Waves, Nachtmystium, Mourner, and Iron Thrones have completed work on their debut EP Translations Of The Lost, to be released officially on May 28th through Profound Lore and what will be limited to 1000 units only.
Comprised of four tracks, one being the band’s rendition of the Fields Of The Nephilim classic “And There Will Your Heart Be Also”, LIAR IN WAIT create music of a very morose drowning nature that finds the band recalling and being inspired by the classic goth/darkwave movement found inherent with such luminary artists as The Cure, The Sisters Of Mercy, Fields of The Nephilim, along with being indebted sonically towards more recent artists such as Soror Dolorosa and Cold Cave.
Ultimately and already with this debut offering, LIAR IN WAIT have already created a distinct sound defining themselves, one that will carry over and develop as they begin to compose their imminent debut LP.
Translations Of The Lost track listing:
1. Faithless
2. Conversations In Violet
3. Fall With Me
4. And There Will Your Heart Be Also

Adam Clemans (vocals)
Jeff Wilson (guitars)
Jim Adolphson (bass/snyth)
Peter Clarke (drums/synth/guitar)

Murderess - The Gate 12" (Pre-Order)

Sprawling metallic d-beat crust from this five-piece based in Portland, OR, this is the follow-up EP to their 2010 debut on ABSOC, The Last Thing You Will Ever See…. This 5-piece lineup features vocals by Jozy Kinnaman, guitars by Rachel Nakanishi and Amanda Burghard, Eben Travis on drums and Casey Lynch on bass, and ventures into some darker, more death metal influenced territory while retaining their blackened crust aesthetic. Originally released as a cassette limited to 100 for their East Coast tour last summer, we are stoked to announce a vinyl version of these 4 blazing tracks in production right now.

Premonições-Kylesa-New Song