Ascension - Deathless Light (ep)


Premonições : Blaze of Perdition - Near Death Revelation

Phoenix rises!
New album’s recording process is slowly nearing its end, so it’s time to share some basic info.
As we already mentioned earlier, the title of our latest work is “Near Death Revelations”. All instruments have been recorded and vocal sessions will take place very soon. The album consists of 7 tracks and lasts over 50 minutes (+ one bonus track planned for later vinyl edition).
The artwork was once again created by Andrzej Masianis and layout arranged by our own Kontamination Design.
Label & release date haven’t been confirmed yet, so we are open for conversation and any fair and serious deals. Anyone interested, please write:
We will share some music samples as soon as the album is finished.
1. Limbonaut
2. Into the Void Again
3. When Mirrors Shatter
4. Dreams Shall Flesh
5. Cold Morning Fears
6. The Tunnel
7. Of No Light
S. - vocals, lyrics
XCIII - guitars, lyrics
Revenger - guitars, bass
Vizun - drums

Infra - Initiation on the Ordeals of Lower Vibrations 7'

Acho que já aqui tinha colocado algo acerca desta banda portuguesa...mas fica aqui mais uma pequena atualização sobre eles.
Primeiro ep a ser editado pela Nuclear War Now Productions no inicio do proximo ano e podem ouvir em baixo já uma das faixas libertadas bem como a capa do 7' ...
Death Metal na onda de Grave Miasma ou Swallowed...basicamente a explorar aquilo que de melhor ou mais interessante se vai fazendo dentro do estilo.

Lotus Ash - The Word of God

Fantastico album desta banda americana, formada por musicos ligados a Northless, Maidens e Ellis...apesar da aparente simplicidade aquilo que aqui ouvimos é um dos mais interessantes albuns de Sludge, Post Metal dos ultimos tempos...imaginem algo entre uns A Storm of Light e Minsk apenas focados no lado mais pesado dos seus temas e com aquela carga ambiental bem caracteristica das produções do Sanford Parker originando um som bem explosivo mas ao mesmo tempo ambiental e "divagante" se é que se pode usar a palavra..é na realidade é uma das coisas que mais tenho ouvido ultimamente e que mais gozo me tem dado!
Acho que vale bem uma atenção da vossa parte e creio que deverão manter o nome Lotus Ash em atenção que este projeto ou banda tem ainda muito para dar e um interessante futuro pela frente..isto a julgar pelo que se ouve neste "The Word of God".

Generation of Vipers - Coffin Wisdom Has Bite

Engineered by Travis Kammeyer (A Storm of Light, U.S. Christmas, Ocoai,etc.) and mixed by Andrew Schneider (Unsane, Cave In, Made Out of Babies, Blue Man Group, etc.) at Translator Audio in Brooklyn, NY, Coffin Wisdom displays the bands most focused and realized album to date.

Consisting of 7 tracks of noisy and visceral music that at times borders on the Amphetamine Reptile days of yore, yet simultaneously harnesses a maturity and spiritual awareness to it that is difficult to quantify with mere words.

Imagine if Amebix and Quicksand wrote songs about numerology and Witchcraft or if Godflesh and Helmet wrote songs touching on sleep paralysis and psychotic paranoia and you would have at least one foot on the right path.

Premonições: Ascension - The Dead of the World

Ascension - The Dead of the World
At long last, German black metal tyrants Ascension unveil their highly anticipated second album, The Dead of the World, set for European release on December 24th via W.T.C. Productions (Season of Mist will handle the North American release). Previewed by the Deathless Light EP, Ascension's The Dead of the World is a grandiose work of bold creativity and boundless imagination, of brilliant illumination and obsidian depth, all under the banner of orthodox black metal. The band's debut album, 2010's Consolamentum, became a classic in the underground not long after its release; it evinced a wealth of maturity in composition and execution for such a new band. Here, the quintet eclipse that accomplishment with a seven-song salvo that's the epitome of Album Experience. Every part is where it needs to be; every song flows from the other; there is a whole, and it is a black HOLE. From its innermost depths, Ascension drive onward and outward, their control of dynamics startling for mere "black metal," their passion, fervor, and professionalism far beyond those who supposedly uphold that genre. Joining Ascension in their peerless endeavor here are The Magus (Necromantia, Thou Art Lord, Principality of Hell) and Mors Dalos Ra (Necros Christos), who both respectively provide guest vocals on The Dead of the World. Black Metal may be dead for all intents and purposes, but not for Ascension, for they show you The Dead of the World.
1. The Silence of Abel
2. Death's Golden Temple
3. Black Ember
4. Unlocking Tiamat
5. Deathless Light
6. The Dark Tomb Shines
7. Mortui Mundi
More details to be announced in due time...

Voidchrist - Herald of a Brighter Dawn

Only Death is real!!!

Irradiate - R.D.D.

Hate, Kill, Destroy!!!
Irradiate são uma banda paralela de dois membros de Mitochondrion....extremo e violento na tradição dos miticos nomes canadianos..o ep funciona em pleno se gostam daquele Death/Black mais animalesco e extremo.
O ep é de download interessar é clicar em baixo!

Premonições : Ascension - Deathless Light - EP

Ascension - Deathless Light - EP - to be released on October,31st

As a precursor to their forthcoming second album, German black metal tyrants ASCENSION unleash the Deathless Light EP. Ever aptly titled, this two-song strike beams brilliantly with an illumination that can only come from the most fathomless, pure-obsidian depths of the spirit. ASCENSION's debut album, 2010's Consolamentum, became a classic in the underground not long after its release; it evinced a wealth of maturity in composition and execution for such a new band. Here, the quintet extend that maturity even further, unfurling orthodox black metal that brims with creativity and passion, fervor and professionalism, utter darkness and radiant glory, every note and nuance exactly where it should be and nothing wasted nor sacrificed. The title track will feature on ASCENSION's upcoming new album for W.T.C., while "Garden of Stone" is exclusive to this release. Deathless Light shines on...

Formats: limited Digipak CD, limited 12"MLP,Digital (the vinyl version might take a little longer though,due to the generally increased manufacturing times)

1.Deathless Light
2.Gardens of Stone

..last album...

Premonições - Ancient VVisdom

Kalamata - You

This Hildesheim based trio performs instrumental psychedelic- stoner rock like the old Kyuss or original space-rock bands from the 70`s.
Driving bass riffs and colourful guitar-patterns emerge on top of a deep rolling rhythm section.
This instrumental music will guide you through the night like LSD while you´re sitting on a wild cow`s back.

Skáphe - Skáphe

No words!
No light!
No nothing!