Premonições: Schammasch - Triangle

"The band’s third album is entitled „Triangle“, a monolith consisting of three LPs each 33:30 minutes in length, each differing in atmosphere and style, each standing for one of three stages of the album’s strong concept. This very unique concept is visually presented by a series of four photographs (one Box, three sleeves), each an incarnate statement of the concept’s stage, taken by Ester Segarra (Watain, Electric Wizard, Bloodbath) in London to the end of 2015.

„Triangle“ will be released in April 2016, shortly after followed by the band’s second video clip „Metanoia“, which will be produced in February, in the midst of Iceland’s astonishing landscapes. Now teamed up with the booking agency District 19 (Apshyx, Bölzer, Enthroned), Schammasch are eager to release their third opus, with highest expectations for the media‘s response and many possibilities to present their art on stage".