Premonições: Bolzer - Soma (ep)

-To any persons hitherto unaware, confused or curious as to the significance of our forthcoming second EP 'Soma', a short notice of clarification:
This 3-Track release is intended to compliment it's predecessor 'Aura' in theme and appearance. The 'spirit'/'body' concept sets a dualistic platform for a cyclic life/death introspective, revolving around war, waged in both the physical and metaphysical spheres.
'Soma' is expecting release early 2014 through the mighty Invictus Productions.

-Aura was released this year through Iron Bonehead Productions in the formats of a 12” MLP on 140g black vinyl with a 350g reverse side board jacket limited to 1000 copies and in a golden Tape version limited to 300 copies. An MCD edition is also available through Necroshrine Records.

Para recordar mais uma vez uma das musicas de 2013 e uma banda com uma sonoridade unica!

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