Premonições: THOU - Heathen (release date/artwork/...)

Thou - Heathen CD. Coming 2/25/14. Pre-orders will be announced in January.
The fourth full-length album from Thou. 10 songs, roughly 74 minutes long. Recorded + mixed throughout 2013 by James Whitten at The Living Room Studio in Algiers, LA. Mastered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording in Minneapolis, MN.

Cd cover art:

Other news:
GLM016 - Thou - Tyrant 2LP - Their first full-length, finally released as a 2LP. Contains the Tyrant LP + Retaliation 12", just liked the CD. Coming mid 2014.
RELIC36 - Thou - Peasant CD (re-mastered re-issue) - Their second full-length album. Re-mastered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording. Updated art and packaging. Coming mid 2014.
RELIC60 - Thou - Collection 2CD - Still happening, as soon as we have time to make it so. A collection of the out of print EP + split material, pre-Summit.

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