Premonições : Blaze of Perdition - Near Death Revelation

Phoenix rises!
New album’s recording process is slowly nearing its end, so it’s time to share some basic info.
As we already mentioned earlier, the title of our latest work is “Near Death Revelations”. All instruments have been recorded and vocal sessions will take place very soon. The album consists of 7 tracks and lasts over 50 minutes (+ one bonus track planned for later vinyl edition).
The artwork was once again created by Andrzej Masianis and layout arranged by our own Kontamination Design.
Label & release date haven’t been confirmed yet, so we are open for conversation and any fair and serious deals. Anyone interested, please write:
We will share some music samples as soon as the album is finished.
1. Limbonaut
2. Into the Void Again
3. When Mirrors Shatter
4. Dreams Shall Flesh
5. Cold Morning Fears
6. The Tunnel
7. Of No Light
S. - vocals, lyrics
XCIII - guitars, lyrics
Revenger - guitars, bass
Vizun - drums

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