Premonições: False-Untitled

Isto é muito bom!

Bio from the band:
Black Metal for post-apocalyptic desolation. Reject the promise of progress and the encompassing void that constitutes fulfillment. Solace in desecration.

I first heard about FALSE while sitting around a coffee house in Madison, WI with Bryan and Andy from Thou. They had just played Minneapolis the night prior, where FALSE closer the show, and everyone in Thou was entirely and completely blown away by how intense and relentless FALSE were live. Just going off their description & the obvious impact left upon them, I knew I had to hear FALSE immediately. A couple months later I get an email from Bryan informing me that my long-time friend Adam Tucker was in the midst of mixing & mastering the FALSE recording for release. Tucker only puts a million % into everything he's a part of, so naturally I was thrilled. I'm sitting here now and listening to his mastered tracks as I write this, and I cannot wait to unleash this record upon the world with the band and Howling Mine records. FALSE bring us the best of what abrasive and relentless black metal can be. The two songs that make this 12" are fast paced, but with a purpose, and heavy on scathing (yet decipherable) vocals. Bryan and Andy kept telling me FALSE were the most relentless black metal band they'd ever seen. When you hear this record you'll know what they mean.

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