Irkallian Oracle-Grave Ekstasis

Mediumship of ultra-void vibrations through the art of Death/Black Metal.
The grave is a well for Infinity’s impossibility, hollowing all tragic meanings and hopes
Forcing our voices to blend with timeless echoes from undreamed worlds
Drowning the vision of man into the transcendent oceans of ancient midnight
And for those few who dare to leap out of themselves and lend their tongues unto the great unknown that wait in these very depths, a secret song has been given:
The rattle of Death’s nameless mystery amid the roar of apocalyptic reverence,
Hell’s heart pounding horror into the breath of Being
A prophecy of black stars revealed as an oracle of the great and holy ABYSS

Born in the year 2012 on Swedish soil, Irkallian Oracle is a musical vehicle for the Void. Drawing its art from the darkest and most horrific vaults of the Death and Black Metal tradition yet still searching ever deeper and beyond all confined artistic boundaries, it wishes to both musically and lyrically explore the ecstatic mysteries of abysmal infinitude. “Grave Ekstasis” is the first released material of Irkallian Oracle and consists of five revelations at the combined length of almost 45 minutes, and it shall function as message to all those who wish to enslave Death and Black Metal to purposeless retrospection, mediocrity and shallow ideals.

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