Premonições- THOU : Heathen

"We're just about finished with recording. Our old friend James Whitten has done an excellent job as always. Looks like Heathen, the next full length, should be a big DLP; our old pal Adam Bartlett is going to help us release that on Gilead sometime this summer, and our other old pal Stefan will be handling the Euro press of the vinyl. We also wrote and recorded a collaboration EP with our friends in The Body to be released on Vinyl Rites and At a Loss soon ish. And we had a few songs that wouldn't fit with either of those releases that will be released as a 12" EP on Robotic Empire right after Heathen. We should also have everything else we've ever done repressed other the next year--including a triple LP and double CD collection of all the non-Tyrant/-Peasant, pre-Summit stuff (basically, all the splits repressed to 3LP and all of that plus the couple of EPs on the 2CD)."

Some titles:
Ode to Physical Pain
Immorality Dictates
At the Foot of Mount Driskill
In Defiance of the Sages
Into the Marshlands
Feral Faun
Free Will

To Remember...old days:

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