Premonições: Liar In Wait-Translations Of The Lost

LIAR IN WAIT, a new band comprised of present and past members of Wolvhammer, Chrome Waves, Nachtmystium, Mourner, and Iron Thrones have completed work on their debut EP Translations Of The Lost, to be released officially on May 28th through Profound Lore and what will be limited to 1000 units only.
Comprised of four tracks, one being the band’s rendition of the Fields Of The Nephilim classic “And There Will Your Heart Be Also”, LIAR IN WAIT create music of a very morose drowning nature that finds the band recalling and being inspired by the classic goth/darkwave movement found inherent with such luminary artists as The Cure, The Sisters Of Mercy, Fields of The Nephilim, along with being indebted sonically towards more recent artists such as Soror Dolorosa and Cold Cave.
Ultimately and already with this debut offering, LIAR IN WAIT have already created a distinct sound defining themselves, one that will carry over and develop as they begin to compose their imminent debut LP.
Translations Of The Lost track listing:
1. Faithless
2. Conversations In Violet
3. Fall With Me
4. And There Will Your Heart Be Also

Adam Clemans (vocals)
Jeff Wilson (guitars)
Jim Adolphson (bass/snyth)
Peter Clarke (drums/synth/guitar)

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