Midnite Congregation - Verse I (compilation)

Pay attention to some of these bands.
Midnite Congregation is a digitally-released compilation curated by the Collective to feature the darkest sounds of the underground. Bringing 6 groups under one moon, we have provided you with our first Verse.
Spilth*!%, "Saur" recorded, mixed, and mastered by Billy Anderson, 2013/14.
Ancient Altar, "Tidal" recorded on 4-track, live, by Scott Carlson, 2013.
Pigeonwing, "Bone Grease" recorded and mixed by Derek Donley, mastered by Roskva, 2013.
Trapped Within Burning Machinery, "Drughammer" recorded and mixed by themselves, 2014.
Beneath Oblivion, "Turn To Stone" recorded, mixed, and mastered by themselves, 2013.
Funerary, "Coerced Creation" released on Starless Aeon, August 12, 2014.

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