Premonições: Mitochondrion (Shirts)

"Death Metal of the utmost superior form; MITOCHONDRION unleash two t-shirt designs honouring their second full-length album "Parasignosis", released earlier this year on Profound Lore Records. Vault Of Dried Bones will be releasing the t-shirt design "Plague Evockation", while the t-shirt design "Baphobraxas" will be released by Profound Lore Records and Internecion Productions (the hoodie version includes sleeve and hood prints).

The artwork was masterfully crafted by Alexander "Badnews" Brown, who is responsible for the baleful twenty page booklet found within "Parasignosis". The "Plague Evockation" t-shirt will be available in black, white and military green t-shirts.

Available June 3rd - Only sold through Vault Of Dried Bones mailorder."

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