CRAFT - "Succumb to Sin" from the upcoming album "VOID".
It´s been 6 long years of waiting for Craft-diciples since the release of the critically acclaimed "Fuck The Universe" album
but now CRAFT´s long awaited new opus, entitled"Void", will finally be unleashed upon mankind.
The 49 minutes that is "Void", is divided into the following tracks:
Intro (John's Nightmare)
Serpent Soul
Come Resonance of Doom
the Ground Surrenders
Succumb To Sin
Leaving The Corporal Shade
I Want To Commit Murder
Bring On The Clouds

The releasedate has been set to August 5th 2011.
The CD-version will once again be handled by Carnal Records and the vinyl-version will be released in co-operation with Trust No One Recordings.
Both labels will soon start taking pre-orders.
Southern Lord will handle the US version.

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Dante disse...

Isto é excelente!

†HAXAN† disse...

Bacano... curto paletes do "Fuck the Universe"..

"Forwaaaaaaarddd.. at demonspeeeeeeeeedd!!"