Premonições:Pseudogod-Deathwomb Catechesis


"Deathwomb Catechesis," the long awaited debut album from Russian terrorists PSEUDOGOD. Cover artwork by Antichrist Kramer, a real masterpiece soon to be revealed! Interior artwork by Alexander Brown. CD, LP, Pic LP (111 copies) on HHR with Kvlt Records releasing their own version on CD, LP & Cassette (much like the Beherit collaboration). Pseudogod crawled out from the deepest underground in 2006 and have evolved to become one the most brutal bands in Russia with their unbounded energy, insane posession and devotion. Based upon the heritage of ancient cults like BEHERIT and ARCHGOAT mixed with the madness of contemporary KATHARSIS they provide Extreme Satanic BlackDeath chaos in all it's horrible splendour. Their debut album "Deathwomb Catechesis," has an increasing amount of True Death Metal attitude that raises their bestiality unto a new level. "Pseudogod are like Archgoat on steroids" -Dagon of INQUISITION 1. Vehement Decimation 2. Malignant Spears 3. Saturnalia (The Night of the Return) 4. Azazel 5. The Antichrist Victory 6. Necromancy Of The Iron Darkness 7. Encarnacion Del Mal 8. The Triangular Phosphorescence total playing time: 40:30

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