Hellvetron-Death Scroll Of Seven Hells and It's Infernal Majesties

Absolutamente demoniaco este novo projeto de alguns membros de Nyogthaeblisz, vai sair em breve atraves da HHR...entretanto ouçam as duas faixas disponibilizadas no bandcamp deste monstro!!

Spewing from the Mouth of Hell, Hellvetron's debut full-length ritual emerges through the threshold into a manifestation of obscure hell psalms of death. "Death Scroll Of Seven Hells And Its Infernal Majesties" will be a tribute to the Qliphothic Tree of Death, Seven Hells, and it's infernal hierarchy. This release will be a curse on all who dare to possess this unholy relic. Praise the ten horns upon the seven headed beast.

I. Sheol- Grave of Supernals
II. Abbadon- Wings of Perdition
III. Titahion- Foul Eaters of the Clay of Death
IV. Bar Shasketh- Fathomless Pit of Destruction
V. Tzalemoth- Shadow of Death
VI. Shaari Moth- Omimous Gate of Death
VII. Gehinnom- Hellwomb of the Impure Hag Queens

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