Order of Orias-Inverse

Having recorded a Demo and an EP up to now, Order of Orias
(featuring current and ex members of Denouncement Pyre, Funerary Pit and
Ignivomous) from Australia are most probably unknown to many, at least in the European scene. ”Inverse”, their 50 minutes long debut album; absolutely has the potential to change that.
The album features 7 songs of violent, fierce and above all prideful darkness
and deserves all the attention it can get.The CD comes as a Digi pack,
inc. booklet, designed by Mestazis.The vinyl version of this excellent album
will follow soon...

Track list
1. Presence
2. Irreverence
3. Offering
4. Ash and Sparks
5. Concealer
6. Bleak One
7. Void

Order of Orias - Inverse - Album stream

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