Premonições:Watain Part IV

Só existem 1000 e uma delas já tem cravado o meu nome...
Edição limitada e especial do "Lawless Darkness" de Watain:
Only 1.000 copies will be available worldwide! Season of Mist proudly presents the strictly limited edition of WATAIN's sensational album “Lawless Darkness”! The spectacular box set comes in the shape of a fully leather bound book! This grand grimoire of the Swedish Black Metal magicians contains the Digipak version of "Lawless Darkness" including the Death SS cover "Chains of Death". The box also contains these exclusive items: a Watain symbol pendant with chain, a black candle in wrapping, a full colour flag 123 cm x 75 cm with 2 metal rings and 10 tarot cards in a pocket, which have been specially designed one for each song by E from WATAIN!

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